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New Name & New Services:

We now proudly offer both roofing and construction services! After many inquiries, and pre-exisiting high quality construction skills, we have grown to be both a roofing and a construction company.



Free Estimates:

You can make an appointment for a free estimate by our owner, Shane Dunlap, by calling (360) 659-7703 between 6am and 7pm weekdays, and between 7am and 6pm on weekends. 


Our History: Steve Dunlap

ADR stands for "Auggie Doggie Roofing". Why "Auggie Doggie Roofing"? There is a very unique story with a very unique German Shepard behind this name. Steve's dog, Auggie, was his work side-kick, assisting Steve throughout his work day. Including climbing up and down ladders, and supervising the roofing process from start to finish on site. Steve thought it only appropriate to name his business after his one-of-a-kind assistant, and the rest is history.
With Steve's help, ADR Roofing created a reputation in Snohomish County as a dependable, honest and fair company, dedicated to high quality work at great prices.
It is sad to say Steve passed away this June, 2014. Proudly carrying on his legacy, is his son Shane Dunlap, with the vision to maintain ADR Roofing, as a 4th-Generation family owned and operated company.


Our Future: Shane Dunlap

Shane Dunlap began learning the ropes of roofing, business, and management as a child. Shane instilled not only the skills of what to be a roofer also the skills to run a reputable company. Steve entrusted his business with Shane knowing Shane has everything it takes, the drive, and love of ADR Roofing to take it to new heights and shoot for the stars!
Honored by his father's faith in him, Shane is working harder than ever to ensure ADR Roofing will meet and exceed your expectations while maintaining his father's mission and legendary 5-Star service.

Shane has already begun taking ADR Roofing to new heights by officially adding construction to the business, and name. ADR Roofing is now grown to ADR Roofing & Construction LLC. Shane has a whole vision to take this business to new heights and has begun taking the steps to bring that vision to life!

Call (360) 659-7703 to set up a free estimate!